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Tangles & Knots

 Tangles & knots in your hair is no fun! But with a few tips this can be eliminated.

Curly or wavy hair may present the most problems due to the hair growing in different directions. Yet fine straight hair is prone to developing knots too.     

Firstly ensure you use Conditioner after your child's hair is shampooed- even the boys!
Conditioner not only conditions but will moisturise & protect the hair.

Fine hair doesn't always need Conditioner as it tends to make hair too limp, instead use a
spray on detangle for the knots. 

  • Apply conditioner to mid-lengths & ends of hair where it's needed, hair has enough natural oils at the roots.

  • Always use a wide tooth comb.

  • Comb conditioner through hair starting at the ends working toward the scalp- you should be able
    to painlessly remove knots
    this way. For best results leave Conditioner on for one minute then rinse.

Drying Hair

Never vigorously rub hair with a towel- this will create more knots & tangles, although its good circulation for the scalp its not so great for the hair. Towel blot hair gently to remove water.

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Before hair is completely dry, comb through using a Detangle spray.               
Combing before leaving hair to dry naturally will help to prevent knots.
Brushing or combing hair before bed will also go a long way in preventing knots.

When combing hair prone to knots, use a small amount of Detangle spray on mid-lengths
& ends then comb through in the same way as above.