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Shampoo Tips

   Shampooing your child's hair should be enjoyable for them!   

  • Make it a short & happy part of their bath routine early on and as they grow they'll soon learn to shampoo their own hair!

  • Use a gentle plant based Shampoo - 'K.O After Swim Shampoo' - it will not irritate eyes.

  • Pouring water on your child's hair may cause some anxiety- be careful & use your hand across their forehead below their hairline like a sun-visa to stop water running down their face. Best technique is to encourage them to look up so chin is tilted upwards whist you quickly wet their hair. Stick on wall images in the bathroom are great for them to look up at.

  • Another way is to use a face cloth/flannel immersed with warm water & place on hair, sweep from front to back. This is usually enough to wet a babies hair or young child's hair.

  • If your child has been bathing in a soapy or bubble bath that same water should not be used to rinse the hair, once soapy water from bubble bath gets in their eyes it will most likely sting. Have a plastic container filled with fresh warm water to rinse hair before & after shampooing.

  • Spread shampoo over hair & massage the hair & scalp. Rinse in the same way as you started.

                                                                   Happy shampooing!