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Customer Feedback

Sooo many thanks for getting back to me with all this information and the ingredients list for you Baby Shampoo, this is very much apprecited. I would very much like to try the samples you have suggested with my children. It is great to see such caring, concern and support behind a product.

Kerry -Invercargill

Just wanted to thank you guys for your AWESOME service and EXCELLENT product. Had my order within 72 hrs  of being ordered very impressed!!! Just wanted to say thanks and keep it up...
Jo from Lower Hutt

Here are my two beauties, Grace and Chelsea with their beautiful shiny hair thanks to Kid’s Own. I love that it’s a product designed especially for children and it’s not some massed produced supermarket brand. There are so many different products to choose from, even a shampoo for after swimming. Thanks Kids Own.
Jocelyn of Browns Bay, Auckland
testimonials2.jpg Grace
I have to say thank you again. One treatment is all it has taken there is no longer knots in my daughter's hair and its shiny for the first time in years….. loves to be able to wash her own hair, its way better now cause I am not pulling on it and hurting her hair.
Brushing has become a pleasure and I have noticed that she is even brushing it herself and enjoying it, even wanting to put it up now.
Thank you so much for your products and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.
A mum from Timaru

This 'Kids Own' is a "brilliant product".
Hairdresser, Auckland

Your Kids Own products are absolutely wonderful. We have now been using them for a couple of months (Baby Shampoo, Kids Shampoo, After swim Shampoo, Conditioner and Ponytail Rescue) and I am constantly endorsing them!!! I have gone and spoken to one of the shop assistants at the local mall and told her how great they are. She was very appreciative of the feedback as she does not have children but is selling the product and said that it makes such a difference in selling when you know that it is as good as it advertises to be!!!
I told her that it is the only thing I use and how wonderful it is. My sister was up in Auckland recently and bought a bunch of the products from Pakuranga as friends in New Plymouth were impressed with how enthusiastic she was and wanted to try it. She cannot believe the difference in her girls' hair (aged 7 and 9) as they have very fine hair and she has found that it stays nice and glossy rather than stringy like it use to!!!
Enthusiastic mum from Auckland

We found the salon and loving the products, thanks very much.
Fan of Christchurch

It is amazing is how long the products last as I still have not had to replace that first lot I bought from you - they are very very good value for money. I will continue to spread the good word! Anyway, just wanted you to know that you have a converted customer here and I will never use the supermarket variety or adult shampoos again on the kids' hair when there is a product like yours on the market.
From a happily converted customer in Auckland