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 yes_tick.gif Silicone free
 yes_tick.gif Paraben free
 yes tick Sulphate free
 yes tick No animal testing

 yes tick Recyclable packaging
 yes tick Made in NZ  

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K.O After Swim Shampoo
K.O Detangle
Kids Own Shampoo
Kids Own Conditioner

Detangle & Conditioner combs

Green comb-515
Lime green & Hot Pink $6.90

Pink comb
Winter Indoor Swimming'

Protect your hair with correct products for the pool;
K.O After Swim Shampoo

Kids Own Conditioner

K.O Detangle


Discounted K.O Detangle
still available just $11.00!

(Reg price $14.90)

Against Animal Testing   


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Our products are not tested on animals, we trial all products ourselves.


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